Hope Hamper ®

Beating benefit
cuts one box at a time

All your needs: boxed.

A Hope Hamper

Think you can't live on £53 a week?
Now there's no excuse!

Juggling life on a tight budget is an art.
As austerity bites and benefits close in, we'll help you master it.
Our food and sundry packs have all you need to live on a shoe string.

What's in the Hope Hamper?

All your groceries

Everything you need for a week

Starting from £15 per person

Best prices with bulk buys

Low-cost distribution

From city hubs, church halls & job centres

Recipes to make it stretch

Specialist guides for bulky dishes that last

After bills and rent, I've got under £20 a week for living. Most of that goes on Hope Hamper, with a bit over for treats. Thankfully, the Hamper's got all I need to eat inside. Paul, London
Before Hope Hamper, we often had to borrow a tin of soup from next door to stop our 18-month-old daughter from going to bed hungry. Ann-Marie, Surbiton
It's tough calculating how to buy all you need on budget. Hope Hamper does the thinking for you and delivers so we can get on with surviving. Johnathan, Glasgow
From soup to soap, the box brings it all. You need never deal with a wallet again! Jamie, Tottenham